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Help Wanted at PEMBA


In a few weeks, Zack will be going back to school - and he has made us realize that we can’t do without the help of someone like him.   Zack handles our purchase orders, checks to make sure we have inventory, coordinates getting items from manufacturers and to our customers, and has a following of customers who ask only for him.  


Therefore, if you are looking for work, please let me know.   You might want to know that Zack will be leaving some pretty big shoes to fill.  He is easy to get along with, is focused on getting the job done, is self directed and motivated, communicates effectively, learns quickly and makes everything seem easy.   There is some flexibility in hours—but 8am or earlier is a must time for being here.   If you know anything about lighting, electrical, computers or warehousing, that will be beneficial; but we will teach a committed person.   The job will only be offered to someone who wants a nice place to work, and will enjoy the learning and the work.  If you think this could be you, please email your resume to the address below.    We really need your help.  If you have a nice friend who may be interested, please send them this page.


Thank you.

Patricia Smith


PEMBA Lighting, Automation and Electrical





104 P Street

Belle Chasse, LA  70037

fax 504.394-6922

e-mail us



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